Public Sector Consulting

We’ve helped clients navigate major changes in federal funding mechanisms, new federal and state mandates, and changes in policies and procedures. The Elyon Strategies team has the resources, capacity, and flexibility to pull off a transformation of any size and complexity. 

With over 100 public sector customers, we deliver measurable and lasting results that help reinforce value investments, program improvement, and public trust. 

Through our frameworks, processes, and AI assistants, we inspire clients to see the transformation possibilities for high performing programs, so they can achieve their desired outcomes and meet the needs of society. We complete the lifecycle from strategy to modernization so your organization can work to the best of its potential.

Industries We Serve

Health & Human Services

We help the state and local health and human services agencies better serve their citizens through transformation and technological advances.

Our professional team and AI Assistants offer proven solutions to help clients:

  • Design, evaluate and transform department services
  • Modernize, build, or adopt new technologies and systems 
  • Increase program revenue 
  • Cut costs while becoming more citizen-centric
  • Improve state and federal regulatory compliance

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of healthcare and human services with the help of innovative technology and approaches. We can help you modernize your health and human service programs and utilize platforms to create and develop the ideal solutions to better serve your citizens. 

Many organizations have a difficult time finding the right answers to what software vendors are offering them. It’s never a quick decision especially when health and human services are involved. 

Our approach is grounded in enterprise architecture and is powered by CADET℠, an AI digital assistant. We can create the perfect strategy to shape your platform-based transformation roadmap.

We will ensure precision and performance with the help of CADET as it contains the health and human services blueprints for MMIS and CCWIS standards. It also has access to the reference architecture that is needed to evaluate modern platform alternatives. With our help, you will be able to structure and streamline your work and simplify your platform evaluation ranking. 
CADET has the flexibility to adapt the potential platforms to the targeted evaluation scope. It can weigh out the factors and provide you with insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each alternative. Here at Elyon, we can help you make the right software decision for a successful transformation roadmap.


Elyon's Medicaid specialists help state health agencies take control of their digital transformation and federal complexities to achieve performance, program, and health outcomes.

Our Medicaid specialists can offer you: 

  • A program transformation, including: integrated eligibility, provider management, electronic visit verification, and citizen portals, and more….
  • Federal services: MITA, MECL, funding strategies
  • Modernization: The opportunity to build or adopt new technologies and systems 
  • Project portfolio: Project design, prioritization, and governance for your organization

If your organization is overwhelmed by the size, complexity, and rate of change within the Medicaid Enterprise, our specialists simplify the modernization process for Medicaid agencies.

By working with Elyon Strategies to design a modern enterprise that fits with your organization, we help you build an enterprise based on modularity, data sharing, and user access. Additionally, we can implement Medicaid IT Architecture (MITA) and perform your State Self-Assessment (SS-A) into your organization so you can chart a course to the Medicaid Enterprise.

Our approach is powered by CADET℠, an AI digital assistant that we use to help you create a strategy designed to create a successful modernization roadmap transformation.

Child Welfare

Focus on the families you serve with transformation services that accelerate modernization and maximize effectiveness.

Elyon’s transformation services help you with:

  • Automation and prototyping
  • Quality user experiences
  • Scalability and reusability
  • Integration and assembly

Our strategies and solutions help both state and local agencies make informed investments in policies, programs, technologies, and services that meet all the needs of children and caregivers. 

With deep program knowledge, customer experience design, and digital solutions experience, Elyon guides your transformation in the digital world to help families, children, and caregivers thrive.

If you’re a CWS agency, you’ll need to start planning to implement a SACWIS-compliant system. If you already have a SACWIS-compliant system, then you need to transition it and your legacy system to CCWIS-compliant systems.

This moves the target from a case management style approach to an outcomes aligned approach. This will help you focus on quality collection, the access to and sharing of data, and the flexibility to adapt to state-specific needs.

Platform solutions offer breakthrough performance that can change as fast as Child Welfare itself. These platform services help protect the significant investment associated with enterprise transformation, digitization, and modernization.

Elyon has given its support to a lot of State efforts in order to plot the complex route to modernization and we’re here to support your needs too.

Constituent Relationship Management Software

Reduce your response time from weeks to hours with constituent relationship management software designed for government

Our professional team of AI experts including our partner, Indigov, can help you:

  • Scale efficiently
  • Reduce your response time
  • Automate your responses
  • Manage correspondence in the field
  • Build meaningful relationships with constituents

There are over 500,000 elected officials that receive more than five billion constituent messages every year and the majority of these requests are organized on legacy tools built over a decade ago. 

On average, these messages have a response time of 45 days. For constituents, this response time is unacceptable and makes winning trust and securing votes difficult for elected officials.

Elyon Strategies is partnered with Indigov to implement a platform aimed at improving this response time and make it easier for you to respond to questions and requests that get sent into your office. Instead of having to reply to each email manually, our system can automate everything for you so you can get through all your messages in minutes instead of weeks.

The Elyon team will give you the ability to optimize your workflow, seamlessly integrate everything into smart inboxes, look over cases and correspondence in the field thanks to a user-friendly mobile app, and ensure every message is protected with premium encryption and security standards.

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