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Data-driven, Defensible, Fundable Modernization Strategy

Oregon Youth Authority
Data-driven, Defensible, Fundable Modernization Strategy

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Project Background

The Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) was looking for an organization to provide a detailed design assessment and recommend the right project approach for their Modernization Strategy. OYA engaged Elyon to help them determine the right project approach for making the Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS) accessible on the web and mobile devices. 

OYA wanted to ensure its long-term viability as the core juvenile justice system for Oregon by becoming more modern and accessible to the youth in Oregon. 

OYA wanted their modernization project to include assistance with the state’s Stage-Gate process and the creation of documents necessary for various state approvals.

The main goals of the OYA project were to:

  • Provide a recommended roadmap for future modernizations
  • Recommend business process improvements
  • Provide a budget and cost management plan
  • Update the defined reference model used with the architectural pattern to complete the general system’s design

Our Solution

Our team assessed and re-engineered their processes, including their business processes, and provided them with a forward-thinking modernization plan. 

We organized intense strategic planning and interaction with the steering committee, which helped us align stakeholders at state and county levels on a core set of prioritized business outcomes.

The Elyon team had multiple interviews with OYA’s in-house subject matter experts and the steering committee to help identify the system capabilities and processes and develop the required artifacts for the Oregon Stage Gate 2 requirements by:

  • Conducting a motivation model to determine outcomes for requirements
  • Creating documentation to help the state get Stage-Gate approval
  • Provided four alternative solutions and mapped requirements to each 
  • Designed a target architecture
  • Performed a benchmark-based budgeting exercise to identify financing needed to accomplish the project

The team at Elyon also completed the following for OYA:

  • Project plan 
  • Measurable intended outcomes report
  • Project charter
  • Business case
  • Schedule and management plan
  • Risk assessment plan
  • Process workflows based on an approved business process improvement concept

The Role of AI

To increase the efficiency of this analysis, Elyon deployed our CADETSM AI solution to conduct market research on potential alternatives as well as perform a best-fit analysis. 

Had CADETSM AI not been used for this project, a manual subjective analysis of the alternatives would have potentially overwhelmed the department and not received approval.

The Result

The Elyon team provided recommendations for the future modernization of the JJIS. The documents developed by CADETSM AI and Elyon were reviewed by Oregon Enterprise Information Services for the Stage-Gate process and ultimately approved with confidence in the architecture and strategy.

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