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Oregon Youth Authority: Modularity Planning Consulting Services

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Oregon Youth Authority: Modularity Planning Consulting Services

Project Background

The Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) was looking for an organization to provide a detailed design assessment and recommend the right project approach for their Modularity Planning Consulting Services project. OYA engaged Elyon to help them determine the right project approach for making the Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS) accessible on the web and mobile devices. 

OYA wanted to ensure its long-term viability as the core juvenile justice system for Oregon by becoming more modern and accessible to the youth in Oregon.  

The Oregon Youth Authority wanted their modernization project to include assistance with the state’s Stage-Gate process and the creation of documents necessary for various state approvals.

The main goals of the OYA project were to:

  • Provide a recommended roadmap for future modernizations
  • Recommend business process improvements
  • Provide a budget and cost management plan
  • Update the defined reference model used with the architectural pattern to complete the general system’s design

With all of this in mind, Elyon started the process of helping OYA meet its vision.

Project Approach

The Elyon team provided recommendations for the future modernization of the JJIS. 

Our team assessed and re-engineered their processes including their business processes and provided them with the modernization plan they needed to move forward. 

We organized intense strategic planning and interaction with the steering committee which helped us get the stakeholders aligned at the state and county level on a core set of prioritized business outcomes.

Project Deliverables

The Elyon team had multiple interviews with OYA’s in-house subject matter experts and the steering committee to help identify the system capabilities and processes. Our team also developed the required artifacts for the Oregon Stage Gate 2 requirements.

For the Oregon Youth Authority, the Elyon team facilitated: 

  • A project plan and resource plan schedule
  • A future state report
  • The targets for key business opportunities/problems
  • A modernization plan workshop
  • A revised and complete system requirements document and as-is process workflow
  • An in-depth recommendation report including business process improvements and high-level roadmap
  • An updated defined reference model was used with the architectural pattern to complete the general system’s design for the future state
  • A detailed report of the findings and a review of the architectural assessment deliverables
  • The procurement and vendor management plans
  • A deliverable management plan, the budget and cost management plan and the final recommendations report

The team at Elyon also completed the following for OYA:

  • Project plan 
  • Measurable intended outcomes report
  • Project charter
  • Business case
  • Schedule and management plan
  • Risk assessment plan
  • Process workflows based on an approved business process improvement concept

The Outcome

Documents prepared by Elyon and reviewed by Oregon Enterprise Information Services for the Stage-Gate process were approved. 

The team at Elyon helped OYA meet its targets and exceed expectations for this project. 

Our team made sure OYA had the right roadmap for their modernization in place and scheduled regular meetings and reviews to help ensure everything was delivered on time and to the highest standards. They are now using the output of this effort for a new modern platform.

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