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Executive Coaching & Training Services

Elyon was founded as a consulting and coaching/training firm in 2011 by uniting a team of independent consultants with a passion for transformation. Since that time, our growing team of dedicated consultants has been successfully deploying coaching and training services to state, county, and city agencies, including Sacramento County DPS; California DHS, HHS, DPH, EMSA, and CDT; City of Redding; and Washington HCA and DES.

Our dedicated coaching/training staff each have over 20 years’ coaching experience, active coaching/training certifications, and background checks so there will be minimal “ramp up” time on your coaching/training session.

Coaching Services

Elyon provides a personalized, measurable, and scalable coaching program for all your career levels, including:

Executive Coaching
Career Coaching
Career Development
Performance Improvement
Team Development
Leadership Development
Change Management
Assessment Tools

Our coaching experts have a wide and extensive range of industry-recognized assessment tools that can be used, depending on the objectives of the session. These include:

  • Myers Briggs Type Instrument MBTI
  • Covey’s 4DX
  • Team Dimensions
  • Pragmatic Ontology for Enterprise Transformation
  • Professional School of Psychology Executive Coaching
  • Vocational Assessment Techniques
  • Facilitation of “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”
  • Life and Strategic Planning
  • Hogan Assessment Tools
  • Human Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Capra Course, Systems View of Unifying Vision
  • Emotional Intelligence Quotient or EQ
  • MIT’s Transformation Coaching
  • Zachman Enterprise Architecture
  • Pragmatic Enterprise Architecture Framework
  • Kudoy - Rapid Strategic Planning and Assessment Methodology
  • TotalSDI
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Vision Casting
  • Prosci ADKAR Change Management
  • Collective Impact Model
  • Human Centered Design in Developing Solutions Prototype

Meet Our Experts

Karen Morphy

Karen Morphy

Chief Strategy Officer, Enterprise Transformation Consultant
Karen specializes in enterprise transformation and executive leadership, using her skills in team building, relationship management, executive strategy, and innovation. She coaches and trains countless leaders in the art and science of transformation.
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Ken Pense

Ken Pense

Consultant, Organizational Psychologist
Ken is a seasoned expert working with team dynamics, the application of organizational psychology, and organizational development. His expansive understanding of relationships, patterns, and organizational context brings awareness and understanding to systems thinking which interconnects major problems affecting an organization – interconnected and interdependent.
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Lori Brown

Lori Brown

Consultant, Organizational Development
Lori specializes in the field of human resource and organizational development. She has the exceptional ability to quickly gain support of key stakeholders at all levels and facilitate high-impact, positive growth for both individuals and organizations. She engages employees and leads change initiatives to achieve superior business results.
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Marcus Bigelow

Marcus Bigelow

Consultant, Leadership Development
Marcus has over 1,500 hours of executive coaching, training, and leadership development experience. He has helped over 100 senior-level leaders mature their leadership and maximize their impact. As a Northern California Chair of Convene, and a High-Capacity Peer to Peer Advisory Groups supporting CEO-level executives, he motivates and mentors CEOs, presidents, and business owners to increase their leadership impact, become better leaders, and grow their profitability through peer-to-peer collaboration and one-to-one coaching/training.
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Larry Liberty

Larry Liberty

Consultant, Executive Coach and Trainer
Larry's executive coaching approach has led him to coach/train senior scientists, C-suite members, US Navy SEALs, sports teams, professional golfers, and a range of other interesting staff from unique organizations. His approach has garnered him the reputation of being a ‘change agent coach,’ focused on improving participants’ self-awareness, openness to learning, and probability of future success.
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Brian Burger

Consultant, Executive-Level Coach/Trainer
Brian provides executive career development, performance improvement, team development, leadership development, and change management coaching/training.

Eileen Jacobowitz

Consultant, Executive-Level Coach/Trainer
Eileen provides executive performance improvement, team development, leadership development, and change management coaching/training.

Lynn Kubeck

Consultant, Executive-Level Coach/Trainer
Lynn provides executive team development, and change management coaching/training.

Patrick Bradley

Consultant, Executive-Level Coach/Trainer
Patrick provides executive career development, leadership development, and change management coaching/training.

Kristine Lea

Consultant, Executive-Level Coach/Trainer
Kristine provides executive career performance improvement/behavioral issues, team development, leadership development, change management, and employee onboarding/retention coaching/training.
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