Enterprise Business Design Services

Disciplined Entrepreneurship

Helping entrepreneurs launch new products and services successfully

Have an idea? A breakthrough technology? Or a passion? Bring your product or services to the market with the help of our disciplined entrepreneurship assessments and roadmaps. 

We provide frameworks, open doors to financing, and design a roadmap to follow to create your business model canvas in six steps. Creating a roadmap to success, we’ll uncover:

  1. Who your customer is
  2. What you can do for your customer
  3. How your customer acquires your product or service
  4. How to make money off that
  5. How to design and build your product
  6. How you can scale your business

During the initial assessment process, you’ll gain clear and concise insight into the nine building blocks of a successful business model. We’ll then prescribe and guide you in the 24 steps to a successful startup, in a customized comprehensive, integrated and proven step-by-step approach to creating the innovation-driven enterprise needed to bring your product to market.

If you’re relying on outside investment, we’ll show you how to find and pitch to suitable investors. We’ll also help you find and apply for applicable grants by searching OpenGrants.io

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Canvas Collection

Sustainable business design services from Elyon's Canvas Collection

Create high-level operating models by compiling all of your data together and brainstorming ideas as a team. No matter where you are in starting or transforming your business, these simple but powerful “canvases” help you achieve breakthroughs in business design thinking.

Business Model Canvas (BMC)

With clear and concise insight into the 9 building blocks of any business model, BMC design workshops and model evaluators are here to help you discover and deliver optimal value to the right customer segments. 

Operating Model Canvas (OMC)

The Operating Model Canvas (OMC) tool is about high-level operating models (1-10 pages). 

The tool defines the term operating model as POLISM:

Processes: The work that needs to be done in order to deliver the value proposition or service proposition. 

Organization: How the people who will do the work are organized. 

Locations: Where the work is done and what assets are needed for these locations.

Information: The information systems that are needed to support the work. 

Suppliers: What organizations provide for the work and the relationships that exist in the organizations. 

Management systems: The planning, budgeting, performance management, risk management, continuous improvement, and people management processes that are needed to run the organization. 

Strategy Model Canvas (SMC)

The strategy model canvas is a clear and concise strategic planning tool. It enables teams to quickly develop plans to resolve issues, overcome challenges, and capture opportunities. 

Elyon’s proprietary method Kudoy is a versatile, yet simple, tool that offers situational awareness, key success factors, and reveals the strategic insight you need to achieve the perfect business outcomes. 

In 12 focused steps, you will develop an actionable and agile strategy plan to help achieve your vision.

Value Stream Canvas (VSC)

Providing a deeper dive into the Operating Model, Value Stream Mapping examines your existing processes. If your goal is to streamline and improve your key performance metrics then these processes are ideal for you.

They can be used to improve areas such as waste elimination, wait time reduction, and suboptimal workflows with redundant process steps. Elyon also offers strategic designs and migration (SDM) services, detailing how to migrate workloads to automation platforms.

The Elyon Strategies team has the experience needed to successfully migrate a specific application or an entire software portfolio using advanced robotics and synthetic intelligence.

SDM ensures that business motivation is directly supported by the perfect solution designs that result in an actionable backlog of well-planned activities.

Motivation Model Canvas (MMC)

This Canvas engages leadership in a Q&A session that develops the Motivation Model. It aligns mission with vision, strategies with business outcomes, and tactics with objectives. 

The exercise incorporates key performance indicators (KPIs) to influence the overall outcomes and lets us figure out exactly why you’re looking to improve or achieve your goals. 

Get the motivation you need with the motivation model canvas.


The perfect digital assistant to unlock your potential

CADET accompanies our consultants on most of our service engagements and provides you with a live and interactive digital workspace equipped with digital twinning, simulation, virtual assistants, and an improvement playbook that can inform all of your improvement initiatives and investments.

CADET is the ideal digital assistant composed of:

  • Industry-standard and custom-built models.
  • Augmented or artificial intelligence (AI) brain.
  • The ability to simulate changes in strategy, architecture, portfolios, and processes to project the impact on outcomes.
  • Large reference data sets of IT and project metrics.
  • Budget vs. actuals of thousands of successful IT projects.
  • Rapid document onboarding and automated analysis.
  • Executive-ready visual outputs.
  • Conversational chatbot interface.
  • Interactive annotations and feedback.

CADET’s knowledge base also provides a granular and comprehensive repository that far exceeds the memory of any one person or team. Our CADET digital automation executes a fact-based and data-driven process that utilizes proprietary risk prediction tool sets coupled with advanced analytical simulations and frameworks to provide a quantitative view of the impact of risk. 

CADET achieves more situational awareness than our consultant can by accessing, aligning, and analyzing client information and rendering it in a series of models and blueprints. It has increased precision, performance, and predictability of consulting services and creates a persistent knowledge base for client confidence. 

CADET creates optimal effectiveness, efficiency, agility, and durability of our business model. It expands the pool of qualified resources, creates a margin in deliverable-based projects, and provides complete project visibility for continuous improvement and recommendation discovered by AI. 

CADET also reduces failure rates, increases confidence, and provides a higher chance of success. 

AVASense is an intelligent listener – an assistive sensory network that identifies opportunities for your enterprise based on global data. It adapts to your industry’s ever-changing technological upgrades, regulations, customer dependencies, supply chain disruptions, etc. and gives you the next-best-actions to undertake. 

AVASense helps you control infrastructure expenses, manage SAP upgrades, and achieve new business performances in the most effective way possible. If you want to better leverage all your previous technology investments across a large scale of installations then AVASense is the perfect solution. 

Restart and advance your digital transformation journey by implementing AVASense.

Enterprise Architecture Consulting

Globally integrating recognized certification, frameworks, and models

Increase the effectiveness, efficiency, agility, and sustainability of the services you offer with our enterprise architecture consulting. 

Enterprise architecture creates, communicates, and improves the key principles and models that describe your company’s future.

Enterprise architecture is best viewed as a business discipline that provides you with guidance and governance for all types of strategic and tactical change. It ensures that your organization makes the most out of its resources, capabilities, and technologies to achieve the desired structure and performance transformation.

Enterprise Digital Twin

Eliminate business-process inefficiencies

Through a live digital workspace, you will be able to interact with tabular, 2D, 3D, and even 5D models and simulations. These simulations can be of an area, a line of business, or even your organization in its entirety. 

Our end-to-end virtual model of your organization, process, or service enables data-driven decision-making as you eliminate business-process inefficiencies, address compliance issues, or simply add new business units. 

You will be able to eliminate the operation of "trial and error" and change to achieve targets for effectiveness, efficiency, agility, accuracy, and economic benefit. 

Created in CADET℠, this digital twin offers a 360° representation of your end-to-end product or service delivery lifecycle. It will assess its behavior with what-if scenarios and empower your organization to help you make the wisest investments possible.

Business Continuity Consulting

It’s always business as usual

Building up a strong business continuity program requires calling in the experts to make sure you know the true strengths and capabilities of your team. Elyon’s innovative approach makes it easier for you to manage and maintain a business continuity program.

With a keen focus on your business processes, we will help you develop and implement a business continuity plan that will deliver a high level of success even when faced with highly disruptive events.

Our business continuity consulting includes:

  • Building a business continuity program
    We create a custom business continuity program focused on your strategic goals, measurables, and continuous improvement.
  • IT disaster recovery planning
    Let us assist IT in establishing recovery priorities for critical applications and help them identify recovery strategies that match both the organization’s requirements and budget. 
  • Program assessment
    Improving business continuity program to meet industry standards and best practices.
  • Program outsourcing
    Our experts will maintain and improve your program over the long-term and will also help drive an effective response to disruptions.
  • Program automation
    We will automate your program artifacts and crisis management solution so it is always available from your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.
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Digital Transformation Consulting

With unrivaled experience in independent project estimation, portfolio assessment, application & technology rationalization assessment, data analytics consulting, and user experience design, we’re here to provide you with a comprehensive plan for your digital transformation success.

CADET℠ – Your Medicaid AI-powered Sidekick

Elyon introduces our digital assistant CADET℠ to assist with document discovery, analysis, document drafting, recommendations, and visualizations.

Rapid MES Assessments

No matter what is motivating your Medicaid Enterprise System journey – be it transformation, modernization, evolution, or compliance, rapid assessments help understand what has happened, current status, and defensible strategies for improvement.

Modernization and Cloud Adoption: Cloud Migration and Return on Investment

One of the benefits of cloud migration is transformation, but transformation is difficult to measure in cost savings. Today, most experts define the value of cloud in terms of agility.

Case studies
Healthcare EA Program

The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) was looking for a way to establish their first Enterprise Architecture Office (EAO) to drive Innovation. As a result, DHCS would not only achieve optimal compliance with state EA mandates, but create the Health Care Innovation Strategy for California, which guided the organization for nearly a decade.

Department of Motor Vehicles Disaster Recovery Plan

Elyon Strategies was tasked with helping a large state’s Department of Motor Vehicles develop and implement a new Disaster Recovery Plan. This entire project was conducted remotely over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Secretary of State Project Assessment & Fit-Gap Analysis

Elyon was tasked by the Secretary of State (SOS) of a large state to conduct a Project Assessment and Fit-Gap Analysis of a newly developed system and provide them with business, technical, and project advisory services.

Who We’ve Worked With
V2V Management Solutions
Virginia Department of Social Services
North Dakota Department of Human Services
Oklahoma Department of Human Services
South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles
Washington Department of Revenue
California Member Eligibility Data System
California Department of Health Care Services
California Medicaid Information Technology Architecture
California Office of Health Information Integrity
Washington State Office of the Chief Information Officer
Oregon Youth Authority
California Department of Toxic Substances Control
California Department of Technology
Oregon City of Woodburn
Oregon Employment Department
Oregon Department of State Lands
Florida Department of Transportation
California Franchise Tax Board
California Department of Public Health
California Child Welfare Digital Services
Washington Department of Retirement Services
Privacy & Security Training

About Elyon

Bridging the gap between strategy and action

Here at Elyon, we’ve developed the ability to transform organizations through powerful processes and innovative technology. Our team helps you manage the complexities of digital transformation and overcome the struggles of long implementation cycles. 

We have the experience to execute detailed transformation projects from the foundation and planning stages through to the implementation and knowledge transfer phases.

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Digital Transformation Consulting

With unrivaled experience in independent project estimation, portfolio assessment, application & technology rationalization assessment, data analytics consulting, and user experience design, we’re here to provide you with a comprehensive plan for your digital transformation success.

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