Elyon Strategies Case Study

AI-Powered Assessment of Systems Integration Capabilities

California Health and Human Services
AI-Powered Assessment of Systems Integration Capabilities

Multi-Vendor Performance

The Problem

The California Health and Human Services Agency was challenged with improving the overall system integration capability for a complex project with various vendors involved. Elyon Strategies was engaged in its Independent Advisor role to help equip the state negotiation team to ensure both parties were accountable for enhancing the system integration.

Our Solution

Using CADETSM AI, our AI-powered sidekick, Elyon Strategies:

  1. Developed a systems integration framework
  2. Created a roles and responsibilities matrix in Excel
  3. Analyzed the matrix to identify gaps and conflicts
  4. Compared the findings to the SI framework and provided negotiation support and guidance

The Role of AI

Through advanced modeling techniques, CADETSM AI detected gaps and conflicts in the matrix, enabling Elyon Strategies to create comprehensive documents and visualizations to support the chief negotiators. This assisted in discussions among all vendors and state leaders to establish an agreement on roles and responsibilities.

Without this approach, the state would have potentially negotiated contracts with gaps and overlaps in responsibilities, causing vendor performance issues and future rework and contract amendments. 

The Result

The California Health and Human Services Agency and Office of Technology and Solutions Integration (OTSI) have robust language and terms in its vendor contracts that it can confidently and consistently rely on for this complex digital transformation effort.

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