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We combine the power of AI with industry expertise to solve real problems with business consultancy services.
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Enterprise Business Design Services

Confidently increase the effectiveness, efficiency, agility, and sustainability of your services with our innovative enterprise business design solutions. Uncover inefficiencies, streamline your processes, and unleash the power of technology with our enterprise architecture consulting and business continuity consulting services delivered by certified specialists.

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Public Sector Consulting

Health & Human Services - Medicaid - Child Welfare

With over 100 public sector customers, the Elyon Strategies team deliver measurable and lasting results through frameworks, processes, and AI assistants. We can show you the transformation possibilities for higher-performing programs. Achieve your desired outcomes with our modernization strategies, enabling your organization to work to the best of its capabilities.

Corporate & Business Consulting

Private Sector Healthcare IT - Supply Chain - Oil & Gas - Financial

We’ve helped elevate companies across the US in multiple industries by developing and executing winning business strategies. With unrivaled business architecture, solution engineering, and IT design capabilities we’re here to provide you with a one-of-a-kind, exceptional service. Our dedicated and professional staff are here to help streamline, modernize, and future-proof your organization.

AI Education

Elyon Strategies has partnered with DeepSphere.AI to integrate an interdisciplinary, applied artificial intelligence curriculum and made it easy to learn. This program gives students insights, understanding and skills required to confidently pursue college majors such as engineering, data sciences, advanced computing or applied AI for any industry.

Now going global, this Artificial Intelligence online course offers introduction to mastery of Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and the programming languages required to excel in this domain. Many students are even equipped to kick-start their career in Artificial Intelligence.

Digital Transformation Consulting

With unrivaled experience in independent project estimation, portfolio assessment, application & technology rationalization assessment, data analytics consulting, and user experience design, we’re here to provide you with a comprehensive plan for your digital transformation success.

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Enterprise Architecture as the Solution to the “Quick Fix”

We are living in wake of this side effect, an era of great enterprise debt. It is like a sea all around us. Our businesses show it, our local authorities show it, Wall Street shows it; our infrastructure paychecks, and children’s education show it.

Transformation Must be Architected

What if Google decided that today it was going to transform itself? What if they had been so influenced by a speaking engagement by Kevin Smith of PEAF or Carl Engel of Elyon that the executives had come to the conclusion that transformation was the answer to all their worries?

What is “the Enterprise” in the Mind of an EA?

With all the adamant touting on behalf of the business transformation tool commonly known as Enterprise Architecture (EA), it seems that the important word enterprise has, regrettably, been scantily defined.

Case studies
Department of Social Services Rapid Platform Assessment

The Department of Social Services (DSS) was looking for an innovative approach to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of health and human services across the seven programs they administered.

Who We’ve Worked With
V2V Management Solutions
Virginia Department of Social Services
North Dakota Department of Human Services
Oklahoma Department of Human Services
South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles
Washington Department of Revenue
California Member Eligibility Data System
California Department of Health Care Services
California Medicaid Information Technology Architecture
California Office of Health Information Integrity
Washington State Office of the Chief Information Officer
Oregon Youth Authority
California Department of Toxic Substances Control
California Department of Technology
Oregon City of Woodburn
Oregon Employment Department
Oregon Department of State Lands
Florida Department of Transportation
California Franchise Tax Board
California Department of Public Health
California Child Welfare Digital Services
Washington Department of Retirement Services

About Elyon

Bridging the gap between strategy and action

Here at Elyon, we’ve developed the ability to transform organizations through powerful processes and innovative technology. Our team helps you manage the complexities of digital transformation and overcome the struggles of long implementation cycles. 

We have the experience to execute detailed transformation projects from the foundation and planning stages through to the implementation and knowledge transfer phases.

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