Digital Transformation Consulting

Independent Project Estimation

Stay prepared for any eventuality

Through our partnership with Level 4 Ventures, Elyon is here to provide you with expertise, refined computer models, industry benchmark data, and extensive experience. We help senior management, project management offices, and project managers optimize their decision making and ensure success with the right portfolio and the right budget.

Through CADET℠, integrated with Level 4’s ExcelerPlan, you will be able to get your hands on the most configurable and powerful estimation service available today. This service can support estimation related requirement capture, project costs, and earned value management based project status tracking. 

In addition, we can provide knowledge transfer and even a 3-day virtual estimation training class to make sure the team is well equipped and understands how to get the most of the service.

Portfolio Assessment

Accurately diagnose the value of your initiatives

Elyon’s project portfolio assessment helps you determine the value of your enterprise change portfolio. 

We help you to discover the common factors as well as your organization-specific factors that inhibit portfolios of change. 

This assessment provides you with an end-to-end diagnostic assessment of your PPM practices. It diagnoses the value of the initiatives you are managing, based on the benchmark compared to other organizations, organizational size, oversight structure, project methodology, and specific tool in use. 

Beyond giving you a thorough understanding of your PPM environment, the report also includes some tactical insights and recommended actions tailored specifically to your own ability to achieve your desired results.

Use this comprehensive, in-depth approach to help you measure value, momentum, and success. Drive strategic improvement with your portfolio techniques.

Application & Technology Rationalization Assessment

Get your risks and issues assessed

Application and technology rationalization is an iterative process that assesses the organization’s current set of solutions, systems, applications, and technologies. It does this according to organization-specific criteria that aligns with the overall business vision, value and strategic direction. 

This method converts institutional knowledge, professional experience, and enterprise specification into a data-driven approach for the continuous improvement of the division’s application portfolio and other IT assets.

If you have strategies or methods in your organization that are a few years out of date, they need to be updated. 

The threats to operations and service delivery are only increasing but with our application and technology rationalization assessment, we can help show you where the problems are and help you change them. We use our expert methods along with our AI program CADET℠ to help you improve your strategies. 

Our experienced team can create customized, prioritized, and sequenced recommendations to help address your problems. 

You will get a roadmap with prioritized, sequenced recommendations mapped out for you so you can clearly see all the risks or issues you’re facing. You will also get a risk assessment report with rated risks, actionables, targets as well as prioritized and sequenced recommendations.

Sourcing & Procurement

An AI-powered enterprise knowledgebase

Our expert and applied-AI services are enhancing every step of enterprise transformation, including procurement design. Supported by CADET℠, we have created a precise, traceable model for turning strategy into predictable procurements. This includes planning documents, feasibility studies, estimates/budget analysis, procurement requests, and response evaluation. 

Every Elyon procurement design for government is fully integrated with State and Federal funding partners, Stage Gate approvals, and Federal approvals. They are also integrated with funding guidelines that include the State procurement models. In addition, for Health and Human Services, our approach completely encapsulates MITA, MECL, CCWIS, and HIS.

We often find that clients might be confused that procurements require knowledge of:

  1. The industry and vendor
  2. The technology landscape
  3. The latest implementation styles

Our team is a group of experienced, passionate, and compassionate individuals, ready to help you. Using CADET we can enable more comprehensive and accurate procurements for your organization. 

We will help you understand the variety of regulatory guidance and provide you with the skills and manpower to make sure the job is seen all the way through.

Transformation Consultant

Unlock your potential with transformation

In today’s dynamic world, organizations must change in order to maintain position and to unlock their true potential. While valuable, transformation is daunting as research shows that most major transformation efforts have minimum value, or just fail completely. 

Our transformation services provide engineering precision, quantifiable progress, and outstanding results. Thorough and easily customizable, our proprietary tools and technologies provide effective, efficient, agile, and durable change.

Our experienced professionals are well versed in transformation operations and are supported by CADET℠ which acts as a lasting enterprise knowledge base. CADET is more comprehensive and accessible than any other knowledge source available.

Data Analytics Consulting

Achieve a breakthrough in your business

Our data experts and scientists help you build a robust data environment that provides information and insights necessary for business breakthroughs. We can create secure, searchable, transparent, controllable, and accessible data environments for your organization. 

Your data can drive governance, performance, sustainability, and even automation. We partner with you to ensure your data helps with your improvements, investments, and achieves your desired business value.

Data and information is a core asset for any government agency or business. We can help you leverage the value of your data. Where and what it is and what the connections are between your information assets, the tools used to manage it, and the way it can help your business grow. Not just these basics, though, but data engineering, complex model engineering, data visualization supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Partnering with Deepsphere, we create a clear understanding of your data assets and help you achieve breakthroughs in outcomes with our experts supporting you.

User Experience Design

Create the perfect interaction experience for your users

User experience design focuses on the aspects of software that are designed for the end user’s needs. It’s focused on what they can see, hear, or do on the system and how the system reacts to each of these interactions. 

User experience design is all about how the experience of these interactions makes your user feel. Working with our UX experts, you can create an experience where users can achieve their desired goals without thinking too much about how the system works. 

The best user experience design is invisible and goes unnoticed by the user. You want to make sure there is an absence of friction between the user and the interface so your users can stay focused on the task at hand. 

The perfect user experience design takes a lot of time and planning to create but when you work with the Elyon team, we make sure that your system will elegantly deliver your desired outcomes. 

AI Solutions

Enterprise artificial intelligence

Have you considered implementing machine learning (ML) or deep learning in your organization? Our enterprise artificial intelligence platform architecture leverages enterprise data intelligence across your business process. It uses a set of AI, ML, and NLP (natural language processing) models to provide you with unique insights and practical recommendations for a sustainable process. 

Save on time, cost, and risk by implementing AI into your organization. Get access to real-time data collection and seamless data integration, as well as data visualization and digital education service.

Get expert help to learn what AI is and how to apply it to your most complex business challenges. Attend workshops to address your specific data modeling problem, and create a sustainable solution on our open source AI platform.

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Digital Transformation Consulting

With unrivaled experience in independent project estimation, portfolio assessment, application & technology rationalization assessment, data analytics consulting, and user experience design, we’re here to provide you with a comprehensive plan for your digital transformation success.

CADET℠ – Your Medicaid AI-powered Sidekick

Elyon introduces our digital assistant CADET℠ to assist with document discovery, analysis, document drafting, recommendations, and visualizations.

Rapid MES Assessments

No matter what is motivating your Medicaid Enterprise System journey – be it transformation, modernization, evolution, or compliance, rapid assessments help understand what has happened, current status, and defensible strategies for improvement.

Modernization and Cloud Adoption: Cloud Migration and Return on Investment

One of the benefits of cloud migration is transformation, but transformation is difficult to measure in cost savings. Today, most experts define the value of cloud in terms of agility.

Case studies
Healthcare EA Program

The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) was looking for a way to establish their first Enterprise Architecture Office (EAO) to drive Innovation. As a result, DHCS would not only achieve optimal compliance with state EA mandates, but create the Health Care Innovation Strategy for California, which guided the organization for nearly a decade.

Department of Motor Vehicles Disaster Recovery Plan

Elyon Strategies was tasked with helping a large state’s Department of Motor Vehicles develop and implement a new Disaster Recovery Plan. This entire project was conducted remotely over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Secretary of State Project Assessment & Fit-Gap Analysis

Elyon was tasked by the Secretary of State (SOS) of a large state to conduct a Project Assessment and Fit-Gap Analysis of a newly developed system and provide them with business, technical, and project advisory services.

Who We’ve Worked With
V2V Management Solutions
Virginia Department of Social Services
North Dakota Department of Human Services
Oklahoma Department of Human Services
South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles
Washington Department of Revenue
California Member Eligibility Data System
California Department of Health Care Services
California Medicaid Information Technology Architecture
California Office of Health Information Integrity
Washington State Office of the Chief Information Officer
Oregon Youth Authority
California Department of Toxic Substances Control
California Department of Technology
Oregon City of Woodburn
Oregon Employment Department
Oregon Department of State Lands
Florida Department of Transportation
California Franchise Tax Board
California Department of Public Health
California Child Welfare Digital Services
Washington Department of Retirement Services
Privacy & Security Training

About Elyon

Bridging the gap between strategy and action

Here at Elyon, we’ve developed the ability to transform organizations through powerful processes and innovative technology. Our team helps you manage the complexities of digital transformation and overcome the struggles of long implementation cycles. 

We have the experience to execute detailed transformation projects from the foundation and planning stages through to the implementation and knowledge transfer phases.

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