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Elyon has helped clients navigate major changes in funding mechanisms, new government regulatory mandates, and changes in policies and procedures. We have the resources, capacity, and flexibility to envision and execute a transformation of any size and complexity using our Transformation Operating Model. 

The Transformation Operating Model

To facilitate strategic planning processes and the resulting transformations they inspire, our work has evolved along this Transformation Operating Model:

Envisioning the Transformation

We bring diverse stakeholders together for a common agenda to solve large complex problems. We’ll start the process by engaging key stakeholders to get a broad representation, leverage collective knowledge, understand motivation, set priorities, define the scope, and encourage innovation and consensus.

Developing Roadmaps for Change

We develop a roadmap for your vision of the project. This is supported by a detailed implementation approach and transformation schedule.
The roadmap serves as a navigational tool during the transition. It includes recommendations that outline compliance with the applicable laws, regulations, and program guidelines.

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Planning & Assessment

In this phase, we evaluate current programs and practices utilized in your organization. Next, we begin creating new processes for your future success. This includes drafting documents for transitioned systems/programs, designing delivery structures, and identifying and mitigating potential risks.

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Transformation Implementation

Success in implementation is assured with the following key components: sourcing strategy, request for proposal development, training plan, communication, policy change support, on-going project management support, agile software development and delivery.

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Stakeholder Management Framework

Due to the strategic nature of the work we specialize in, we are frequently engaging executive stakeholders even at the Legislative level. We bring diverse stakeholders together for a common agenda to solve large complex problems. This type of work requires us to use our four-core “components of success”:

Governance & Infrastructure

Assembling stakeholders, identifying champions, forming cross-sector Steering Committees, determining and launching workgroups, and building a backbone for interaction that sustains momentum.

Strategic Planning

Holding 1:1 sessions about the initiative, understanding the context for the initiative, identifying resources, mapping out the vision and landscape for the plan, creating a common agenda across the stakeholders, developing a “blueprint” for implementation and quick wins with a rapid proprietary process “Kudoy.”

“Community” Engagement

Identifying the affected “community”, determining community readiness, and creating a community engagement plan. We also incorporate community leadership and voice into the initiative so the engaging community will support the initiative with change management frameworks.

Evaluation & Improvement

Determining how the initial success will be measured, developing metrics and strategies with ownership, collecting and reporting progress.

Privacy & Security Training

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Bridging the gap between strategy and action

Here at Elyon, we’ve developed the ability to transform organizations through powerful processes and innovative technology. Our team helps you manage the complexities of digital transformation and overcome the struggles of long implementation cycles. 

We have the experience to execute detailed transformation projects from the foundation and planning stages through to the implementation and knowledge transfer phases.

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