Corporate & Business Consulting

As a strategy thought leader for over a decade, Elyon Strategies offers creative business consulting services to companies across the US to help develop and execute winning strategic blueprints.
With unrivaled business architecture, solution engineering, and IT design capabilities Elyon provides exceptional services designed to get results. 

We’ll help you future proof your organization: equipping you for change, uncertainty, and opportunity so you achieve sustained, relevant, and profitable growth.

Industries We Serve

Private Sector Healthcare IT

We help providers, hospitals and healthcare organizations create better outcomes through healthcare consulting services and technology solutions

Our team and our AI assistant offer you solutions to help:

  • Transform your operations 
  • Improve your financial performance
  • Create a safer online environment for your patients
  • Build a more efficient, streamlined organization

From high-quality healthcare IT consulting services to healthcare analytics, we’re here to help you create a better future for your organization - and for your patients.

Our focus is on generating effective transformation and efficient operations that result in positive financial and health outcomes for your organization and its patients. Our team of experienced healthcare experts collaborate with you to achieve your goals and ensure future sustainability using intelligent healthcare automation powered by complex modeling and data analytics. 

We can also provide you with HIPAA compliance consulting as well as HIPAA security risk assessment to ensure that your organization is safe and secure in regard to your online presence. 

Pegasystems Inc

Elyon is a trusted partner to industry leaders including Pegasystems and open source solutions for modern platform delivery so your organization can undergo the digital transformation needed.

Supply Chain

We help supply chain companies increase their efficiencies by providing intelligent automation solutions 

With the Elyon Strategies team supporting you, you’ll be able to:

  • Conquer capacity constraints
  • Overcome margin pressure
  • Embrace the latest digital technologies
  • Align supply chain options with strategic outcomes

Our ability to combine digital engineering services and powerful edge technologies with your information systems provides both immediate and long-term value. Our extensive knowledge of AI models ensures that your investments will provide maximum ROI. 

Whether you need business model changes, organizational change management, process model changes, or customized solutions, Elyon is the perfect partner to collaborate with on your supply chain optimization.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is complex for all enterprises, regardless of size. There are two main factors that impact your supply chain agility: demand and forecasting uncertainty.

Elyon is partnered with Comerit to help implement the Pega platform with your SAP upgrade or cloud migration so your organization can undergo the digital transformation needed to improve its supply chain design, strategy, and intelligent automation implementation.

Partnered With:


Oil & Gas

Proven solutions for streamlining compliance, client retention, and sales automation throughout the client lifecycle

With Elyon as your transformation partner, you’ll benefit from:

  • Industry-compliant, faster, and customer-focused onboarding
  • Reduced transaction times
  • Increased insight into customer risk 
  • Reduced duplicate requests
  • Maintained compliance throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Accelerated response to regulatory change

Elyon’s financial solutions start with executive driven business outcomes, targets, and KPIs. We apply digital twinning and advanced AI models to develop configurable and client-specific solutions that dynamically support your specific regulations, policies, and procedures. 

Our custom platform has been informed by an international team of lawyers, ex regulators, policymakers which has resulted in more than 26,000 preconfigured regulatory rules and data rules across more than 59 jurisdictions.

Get your financial business redefined with the help of intelligent automation. It’s time to look to the future. One that is more interconnected, more collaborative, and frictionless. Trust us to help your organization grow and let us deliver value to your business with intelligent automated finance.


Tackle industry disruptions, supply and demand shock, and operational performance challenges with AI-enhanced solution design

Elyon solutions help you with:

  • Demand forecasting
  • Embracing the latest digital technologies
  • Operational refinement
  • Sales and marketing automation

Our industry expertise and rich suite of AI models ensures that your data, assets, and investments provide optimal sustainability, and receive maximum ROI. Whether you need rich data analytics, predictive analytics, or digital simulation, Elyon is the perfect partner to collaborate with on even your toughest of challenges.

Partnering with SAP leaders like Comerit and AI expertise with Deepsphere, our team brings the power of intelligent augmentation to your organization - which can increase production by 30% and reduce capital expenditure at the same time.

New technologies can make your operations more efficient, safe, and sustainable - ensuring the future of US oil and gas through the use of digital transformation and AI integration

Whether it’s a macroeconomic contraction, geopolitical unrest, or pandemics, our services and solutions offer high-quality operational performance no matter what. We will make sure that the industry’s best practices are followed to the letter, so that your assets are protected.

Artificial Intelligence for Transportation Logistics

Helping improve transportation by providing cities and airports with access to high-quality AI for transportation.

With the support of the team at Elyon Strategies, you’ll be able to:

  • Enhance your transportation abilities
  • Respond accordingly to mobility challenges
  • Digitally improve traffic flow and curb use
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Improve traffic flow during busy periods

Improve your city or your airport transportation with help from Elyon. We are the experts when it comes to AI in transportation and our team has in-depth knowledge of how to improve the lives of pedestrians, motorists, airport staff, and passengers using AI for transportation.

Using our purpose-designed software, we can enhance the functionality of cities and airports with transportation AI. The AI we implement helps cities and airports improve traffic flow and safety with fact-driven data that anticipates the demand and traffic volume.

You will be able to digitally conduct the use of streets and curbs to help manage traffic in the best way possible and to dynamically assign pick-up and drop-off areas in airports based on the time of the day and the volume of passengers.

Work with Elyon to improve the traffic flow in your city or airport by implementing AI for transportation.

Enable Your Transformation With Elyon

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Digital Transformation Consulting

With unrivaled experience in independent project estimation, portfolio assessment, application & technology rationalization assessment, data analytics consulting, and user experience design, we’re here to provide you with a comprehensive plan for your digital transformation success.

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