About Elyon

At Elyon Strategies, we help future-proof public sector organizations and private companies by combining the power of AI with industry expertise to solve real business problems. 

Our strategic advisory services bridge the gap between the seemingly overwhelming business strategies and actionable project portfolios to result in real change.

Our Core Competencies

We’re here to lead you through complex modernization efforts, business transformation, and implementation of the latest technological advances in business management. We have the experience to execute transformation projects from inception and planning through implementation and knowledge transfer. You can count on the Elyon Strategies team to provide unmatched expertise in these six core competencies:

Leading clients through the steps required to achieve mature business practices related to their people, programs, process, budget, finance, and systems.
Providing clients with strategic advisory support and assistance with all stages of the transformational efforts.
Advising clients on best practice modernization approaches from other state agencies, as well as private sector clients.
Developing clear, actionable strategies to address change in the areas of organizational planning, program evaluation, business process re-engineering, communication, workforce transition, information technology, financial administration, and training.
Creating and implementing frameworks, tools, and approaches to facilitate the review, prioritization, and selection of transformation projects/activities.
Discovering and documenting existing business programs and processes, providing program improvement recommendations, and developing revised or new processes to be incorporated into modern, integrated solutions.
Our Approach to Transformation Lifecycle Service Delivery

Elyon brings a high-performance team with an architecture, engineering, and modeling mentality. Bringing a holistic and risk-centric view of lifecycle service delivery, our team will work from the following guiding principles to ensure that the vision and strategic drivers are realized:


Ensure that the project consists of activities and methods that clearly align with the project goals and values, and that your organization is capable of employing them.


Organize work activities in an adaptable structure to respond as the landscape and organization changes through the lifecycle of the project.


Ensure that the project will only utilize resources that the organization is capable of allocating. Furthermore, the project activities will leverage available information and artifacts.


The project will use and extend the enterprise transformation model, including applicable blueprints so that enterprise information and outputs can be consistently applied throughout the project lifecycle and beyond.


The project will coordinate activities across departments, stakeholders, roles, and perspectives, as applicable.


The project will identify value produced by the project that the organization can quantify.

Our Team
Carl Engel

Carl Engel

CEO, Chief Architect
Mr. Engel, Chief Architect and CEO at Elyon Enterprise Strategies, Inc. is a Business and IT visionary with more than 30 years of hands-on public and private sector experience including Health and Human Services, Revenue, Finance and Technology.
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Karen Morphy

Karen Morphy

Chief Strategy Officer
Ms. Karen Morphy specializes in enterprise transformation and executive leadership, utilizing her skills in team building, relationship management, executive strategy and innovation.
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Dave Sidnam

Dave Sidnam

Chief Technology Officer
Practical experience bringing together business and technical individuals from different organizations and turning them into teams that can clearly define business goals, select the proper technologies to achieve those goals, and develop products that help the organization meet its objectives.
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Dan Glaze

Dan Glaze

Senior Consultant
Dan is a Senior Consultant with Elyon Enterprise Strategies, providing healthcare IT advisement through strategic planning, agile project management and executive coaching.
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Jothi Periasamy

Jothi Periasamy

Chief Architect Artificial Intelligence & Data Engineering
Hands-on, passionate, accomplished, determined, highly adaptable Chief Architect /Chief Data Scientist, teacher, author, speaker, thought leader, and mentor with deep expertise in artificial intelligence, data, analytics, and cloud.
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Lisa Baskett

Lisa Baskett

Experience Design Practice Director
Design leader specializing in systems focused service design strategy for both public and private sector (enterprise and consumer).
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Kevin Chartrand

Kevin Chartrand

Senior Director
Kevin Chartrand specializes in strategic planning and business planning specializing in Health and Human Services for Elyon Strategies. 
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Amar Prakash

Amar Prakash

Program Manager and Enterprise Architect
Dr. Amar Prakash is an experienced Management and Technology professional with more than 30 years experience of delivery and stakeholder management and thought leadership.
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Enterprise Architecture as the Solution to the “Quick Fix”

We are living in wake of this side effect, an era of great enterprise debt. It is like a sea all around us. Our businesses show it, our local authorities show it, Wall Street shows it; our infrastructure paychecks, and children’s education show it.

Transformation Must be Architected

What if Google decided that today it was going to transform itself? What if they had been so influenced by a speaking engagement by Kevin Smith of PEAF or Carl Engel of Elyon that the executives had come to the conclusion that transformation was the answer to all their worries?

What is “the Enterprise” in the Mind of an EA?

With all the adamant touting on behalf of the business transformation tool commonly known as Enterprise Architecture (EA), it seems that the important word enterprise has, regrettably, been scantily defined.

Case studies
Department of Social Services Rapid Platform Assessment

The Department of Social Services (DSS) was looking for an innovative approach to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of health and human services across the seven programs they administered.

Who We’ve Worked With
V2V Management Solutions
Virginia Department of Social Services
North Dakota Department of Human Services
Oklahoma Department of Human Services
South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles
Washington Department of Revenue
California Member Eligibility Data System
California Department of Health Care Services
California Medicaid Information Technology Architecture
California Office of Health Information Integrity
Washington State Office of the Chief Information Officer
Oregon Youth Authority
California Department of Toxic Substances Control
California Department of Technology
Oregon City of Woodburn
Oregon Employment Department
Oregon Department of State Lands
Florida Department of Transportation
California Franchise Tax Board
California Department of Public Health
California Child Welfare Digital Services
Washington Department of Retirement Services
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