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Legacy Consolidation and Fit for Purpose Solutions
Virginia Department of Social Services
Virginia Department of Social Services was looking to establish a data-driven Enterprise platform recommendation that is non-biased and objective as well as solutions to meet both cultural and program needs.
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Target Architecture and Portfolio Estimation
Oklahoma Benefits
Oklahoma Benefits required a project assessment including their technical architecture and budget.
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Predictive Outcomes From Large Set of Requirements
Oregon Employment Department
The Oregon Employment Department (OED) was seeking Stage-Gate approval for a procurement. OED was tasked with determining that the quality of the requirements were complete, measurable, and testable.
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Automated Assessments and Generative Planning Documents
Advanced Planning Documents
Numerous states including Nebraska, Wyoming, Alaska and Indiana, sought federal approval and funding guidance for projects in their respective states. Each state needed assistance assessing the maturity of its Medicaid enterprise with the intent to secure funding for improvements.
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Automation for Bid Response Compliance
Bid Response
Evaluating bid compliance and scoring is a complex process that requires a team of individuals and a significant amount of time. As a large state, efficiency in this process is crucial while ensuring the right decision is made.
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AI-Powered Assessment of Systems Integration Capabilities
California Health and Human Services
The California Health and Human Services Agency was challenged with improving the overall system integration capability for a complex project with various vendors involved.
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Strategy Development
CA Medicaid Management Information Systems
The CA Medicaid Management Information Systems was seeking to improve their ability to manage change as they transitioned from a Fiscal Intermediary to a Multi-vendor operating model.
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Applying Lessons Learned to Future Projects
California Department of Technology
The California Department of Technology was looking to ingest a large amount of information to formulate a Knowledge Base.
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Department of Motor Vehicles Disaster Recovery Plan
Department of Motor Vehicles
Elyon Strategies was tasked with helping a large state’s Department of Motor Vehicles develop and implement a new Disaster Recovery Plan. This entire project was conducted remotely over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Child Welfare Systems Project
Child Welfare
A large state’s child welfare organization needed to modernize its legacy child welfare systems. Completing this project would help contribute to improving safety, permanency, and the overall welfare of children and their families.
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Data-driven, Defensible, Fundable Modernization Strategy
Oregon Youth Authority
The Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) was looking for an organization to provide a detailed design assessment and recommend the right project approach for their Modernization Strategy.
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Semi-Supervised Project Assessment & Platform Fit-Gap
Secretary of State
Elyon was tasked by the Secretary of State (SOS) of a large state to conduct a Project Assessment and Fit-Gap Analysis of a newly developed system and provide them with business, technical, and project advisory services.
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Healthcare EA Program
California Department of Health Care Services
The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) was looking for a way to establish their first Enterprise Architecture Office (EAO) to drive Innovation. As a result, DHCS would not only achieve optimal compliance with state EA mandates, but create the Health Care Innovation Strategy for California, which guided the organization for nearly a decade.
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Department of Social Services Rapid Platform Assessment
Department of Social Services
The Department of Social Services (DSS) was looking for an innovative approach to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of health and human services across the seven programs they administered.
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