Elyon Strategies Case Study

Predictive Outcomes From Large Set of Requirements

Oregon Employment Department
Predictive Outcomes From Large Set of Requirements

Not what the CIO ordered, I want innovative requirements

The Problem

The Oregon Employment Department (OED) was seeking Stage-Gate approval for a procurement. OED was tasked with determining that the quality of the requirements were complete, measurable, and testable. OED engaged Elyon Strategies to solve their problem with a model-based solution that would increase efficiency and simplify their process.

Our Solution

Using CADETSM AI, our AI-powered sidekick, Elyon Strategies:

  1. Conducted a motivation model to determine outcomes for the requirements
  2. Created documentation and models to help the state get Stage-Gate approval
  3. Performed requirements analysis to determine the quality
  4. Provided recommendations for a preferred requirements set

The Role of AI

Leveraging a Semi-supervised Model - a machine learning paradigm characterized by using:

  • A small amount of human-labeled data (supervised) - OED Motivation Model
  • A large amount of unlabeled data (unsupervised) - OED documentation/requirements

Using the requirements set, CADETSM AI created models, identified gaps, and mapped desired outcomes. Additionally, the requirements set was scaled down to only what was necessary, streamlining what once was overwhelming.

Without CADETSM AI, the state would have used a larger set of requirements that would not have allowed for creativity and innovation from the vendor community to accomplish the desired outcomes. Using AI to reimagine this process opened OED to focus on future forward thinking and longevity by using data-driven analysis.

The Result

The state confidently executed a quality procurement tied to the outcomes they desired. The requirements were complete but written so that they left room for vendor creativity and innovation.


“Elyon’s overall performance, communication with project team members and stakeholders, managing conflicting priorities, and time management/task completion are excellent. I would definitely recommend Elyon for future OED projects.”


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