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Department of Motor Vehicles Disaster Recovery Plan

Department of Motor Vehicles
Department of Motor Vehicles Disaster Recovery Plan

Project Background

Elyon Strategies was tasked with helping a large state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) develop and implement a new Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). 

This entire project was conducted remotely over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team worked incredibly hard to complete the project for the DMV so it could have a reliable and secure DRP in place quickly. 

With years of experience in designing and deploying business continuity and disaster recovery plans, processes, and solutions, our team was delighted for the opportunity to implement a DRP for this DMV. 

The project's main focus was to enable the DMV to maintain the operation of services and systems in the face of highly disruptive events. Elyon developed and implemented business continuity plans (BCPs) that delivered the levels of service demanded by their business functions. 

We worked in close collaboration with the DMV to prepare various deliverables to streamline and ensure the business continuity and disaster recovery programs worked flawlessly. 

Project Approach

Our team provided project management services that led to the execution and success of the DRP and BCP for the DMV. 

Elyon’s project manager developed and implemented various strategies to help manage the project tasks, communicate the project status with the DMV, and execute the implementation of both plans. 

By collaborating closely with the DMV, we ensured the project met expectations. Communication was vital for the success of this project as our team was working 100% remotely during the project's entirety. 

Our project manager:

  • Ensured resources were secured for task completion
  • Coordinated with the team, so the project went smoothly even during lockdown
  • Acted as the central point of contact between the DMV and our team 
  • Resolved issues on either side, so the project continued to flow efficiently
  • Built and maintained the project plan 
  • Scheduled weekly meetings between teams 
  • Created weekly reports so the DMV could easily track the progress of the project

Through on-site workshops, meetings, teleconferences, and ongoing reports, our team kept everyone involved in the project aware of what was going on at all times. 

The Elyon team conducted a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to help identify and prioritize the critical business functions and associated IT systems. This BIA provided us with the information we needed to successfully design and define the BCP and the DRP. 

The BIA was conducted in four phases:

  1. Information collection
  2. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of impacts
  3. Development of Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs)
  4. Risk Assessment

1. Information collection

Elyon gathered information from each of the DMV's internal departments. We documented the critical business functions and associated resources for every department. 

2. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of impacts

After completing the information collection, our team performed a detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis of downtime's impacts on the internal and external DMV customers. 

We calculated the cost of downtime and data loss associated with every function. We verified the information with the DMV before proceeding with the development of the RPO and RTO.

3. Development of RTOs and RPOs

As soon as the DMV had approved the information collected, our team developed the RTOs for each business function and the RTOs and RPOs for each associated application and IT system. 

4. Risk assessment

Another part of our approach to this project involved a detailed risk assessment to ensure a complete understanding of the risks the DMV faced. We assessed the organizational risks posed to the DMV's personnel, operations, and facilities. 

We performed the following tasks:

  • Identified threats to personnel, operations, and facilities
  • Assessed each threat carefully and noted its magnitude, extent, duration, and probability of occurrence 
  • Noted any current controls that were in place to deal with risks 
  • Evaluated the overall effectiveness of any risk management
  • Developed and prioritized a risk mitigation plan 
  • Presented and refined a risk assessment report 

Our risk assessment work helped develop the DMV's IT disaster recovery plan. 

Project Deliverables

Elyon provided the DMV the necessary parts to implement a BCP and an IT DRP so their data and processes would be safe and secure at all times. 

Our team delivered and completed: 

  • Information Collection Form 
  • Business Impact Analysis Report
  • Organizational Risk Assessment Report
  • Business Continuity Policy
  • Crisis Management Plan
  • Disaster Recovery Plan 

The Outcome

Even though we were 100% remote during this project, our team completely implemented business continuity and disaster recovery processes and solutions for this large state’s DMV. 

Elyon developed an executive summary of the BIA report. Using the results from both the BIA and the organizational risk assessment, Elyon developed a BCP for the DMV's operations. 

We completed the BCP in three phases:

1. Crisis Management 

By facilitating a workshop and remote conferences with DMV's team, we developed policies for the BCP. This also allowed us to easily define recovery teams and develop in-depth training for the DMV. 

2. Response 

Our team worked to address the immediate response to any business disruption. Our team facilitated remote workshops with DMV's crisis management team to develop the appropriate response elements. 

3. Recovery 

The last step was to organize recovery functions within the RTO. This allowed the DMV to have recovery plans implemented for each department to ensure they could recover any lost data or information. 

Overall, the team at Elyon successfully created and implemented the following for the DMV:

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Crisis Management
  • Response Plans
  • Disaster Recovery Plans

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