Elyon Strategies Case Study

Legacy Consolidation and Fit for Purpose Solutions

Virginia Department of Social Services
Legacy Consolidation and Fit for Purpose Solutions

Generating Viable Alternatives for Platform Selection

Virginia Department of Social Services goals:

  • Establish a data-driven Enterprise platform recommendation that is non-biased and objective
  • Solutions to meet both cultural and program needs
  • Comprehensive enterprise perspective

Summary: What Part of the Success Was Attributed to AI?

  • Processed over 100 discoverable Department documents; mapping the knowledge to reference models; and producing system diagrams, process models, and more
  • Gathered industry information for viable digital platforms, matched product strengths and weakness with VDSS needs, and made ranked platform recommendations for the Department’s modernization strategy
  • This type of thorough assessment traditionally requires a team of people and several months rather than 30 days


“VDSS was able to make a confident decision in a more efficient manner than ever before.”

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