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Strategy Development

CA Medicaid Management Information Systems
Strategy Development

When Redline is the Deadline…

The Problem

The CA Medicaid Management Information Systems was seeking to improve their ability to manage change as they transitioned from a Fiscal Intermediary to a Multi-vendor operating model. They sought to develop a 5-year forward-thinking strategy that would keep federal funding on time. Elyon Strategies was engaged to create a data-driven capability improvement strategy.

Our Solution

Using CADETSM AI, our AI-powered sidekick, Elyon Strategies:

  1. Developed a transformation operating model that adhered to federal guidelines and state procurement guidelines
  2. Aligned the model with desired project management and development approaches, as well as maintenance and operations
  3. Created 1/3/5 year roadmaps to enhance the organization’s capabilities

The Role of AI

To reduce manual effort on this project, AI facilitated the uploading of the complete procurement library for fiscal intermediary procurement and helped determine the key documents necessary to create a comprehensive linguistic model. 

The linguistic model was then used to refine governance models, Project Management and Service Management frameworks, and effectively prepared the state for turnover and takeover by codifying each transformation step. 

Without the assistance of CADETSM AI, the state would have faced funding challenges in deploying the first Medicaid System modular solution (provider management application) within the specified timeframe.

The Result

Using the comprehensive information in the State’s modeling tool, the state was able to generate the images needed for its Advanced Planning Document and received approval within 3 days, allowing them to keep the federally funded project on schedule. The 1/3/5 year plans developed in this project served as the technical guidance for the entire organization’s transformation.

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