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Modernization and Cloud Adoption: Which Cloud Computing Type is Right for Your Government Entity?

Cloud computing is a major driver in your modernization journey. As state and local governments adopt cloud computing solutions, they have greater potential to realize their business goals, including program delivery enhancements, new digital services, and IT performance improvement.

Modernization and Cloud Adoption: Public Sector vs Private Sector Modernization

Modernization is not a new concept in either the public or private sector. Both public and private sector organizations realize that modernization is essential to deliver enhanced security, functionality, and efficiency to their customers and constituents.

Modernization and Cloud Adoption: 4 Keys to Success

State and local government entities are expected to provide more services to an increasing number of citizens with fewer funds. Based on our experience helping several state government entities migrate to the cloud, Elyon recommends four factors that contribute to achieve a successful cloud adoption journey.

Case studies
Enterprise Architecture

The Enterprise Architecture Office (EAO) was looking for a way to establish the first EA program for the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). By doing so, they would not only achieve optimal compliance with state mandates, but chart a path for Health Care Innovation for the State.

Department of Social Services Rapid Platform Assessment

The Department of Social Services (DSS) was looking for an innovative approach to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of health and human services across the seven programs they administered.