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CADET℠ – Your Medicaid AI-powered Sidekick

Artificial Intelligence

Collecting, ingesting, analyzing and maintaining the information within documents needed for a State Self-Assessment (SS-A) is an overwhelming task for any one person or team.

Elyon introduces our digital assistant CADET℠ to assist with document discovery, analysis, document drafting, recommendations, and visualizations. CADET℠ acts as your persistent SS-A enterprise knowledge-base that will maintain our view of the institutional knowledge for the environment throughout the project and beyond. CADET℠ will ingest the vast supply of enterprise documentation you feed it to create an agency-specific knowledge base and will present the information to your project team and agency stakeholders in clear, understandable, fact-based visualizations.

Four major benefits that our clients have seen by using our CADET℠-powered SS-A’s are:

1. Automated Ingestion and Analysis

CADET℠’s ingestion and analysis capabilities allow for rapid onboarding of existing artifacts, whether in documents, spreadsheets or graphics. This information is
mapped to the appropriate MITA area and assists in determination of the As-Is and To-Be maturity levels.

2. Integration and Alignment of Strategy, Analysis and Designs

The model-driven digital approach matures quickly and provides access and visibility to highly connected data used to generate strategies, recommendations, perform analysis, and create designs. In addition, the knowledge base operates in a zero-information-loss paradigm ensuring that relevant data is always referenced and included in models

3. Traceability to Source

All data sources and key metrics (including maturity targets and key performance indicators) are tracked on dashboards throughout the modernization journey and procurement lifecycle. As projects are designed, tracked and tested, CADET℠ builds and retains the information needed for any approvals, certification, and state or Federal performance reporting

4. Supported Collaboration

Stakeholders interact through shared, tailored views of information and processes at all stages of the project and modernization effort. The model-based experience creates consistent understanding of all procurement aspects across all key stakeholders: executives, managers, architects, project teams and line staff.

Cadet℠ - Your AI Powered Sidekick | Elyon Strategies
Figure: CADET's US Experience

Several states and the Department of Defense have used the fact-based, model-driven methodology of CADET℠ to provide precision, predictability and performance for the continuous discovery, capture, modeling, and reporting needed to plan for and implement a system. CADET℠ in your hands, creates the
knowledge base that underpins these essential modernization lifecycle capabilities and build the envisioned system upon which to mature your client agency’s organization and operations.

Your team of Medicaid and MITA experts, supported by our CADET℠ digital assistant, brings a powerful and holistic methodology – one that consultants and agencies have been seeking for a long time. Our results are fact- and model-based, holistic, accurate, and arrive faster.

Your Medicaid professionals can leverage CADET℠‘s SS-A capabilities to present a unique opportunity for client agencies to align strategic planning, APDs, portfolio and project progress, service management and application enhancement to the MITA maturity model. Through this, CADET℠ will support your team in advising on improvements to governance, strategic planning, organizational change, and ongoing innovation.

Benefits of CADET℠’s SS-A capabilities:

  • Strategic goals, project objectives and their impact on MITA maturity are measure, manage, and visible through a dashboard.
  • Knowledge management, knowledge transfer and shared view the Medicaid enterprise are highly visible and accessible.
  • Communications are effective, efficient and consistently socialized across all levels of the organization.
  • Cost of annual SS-A (procurements, independent services, internal resources impacts) are minimized.
  • Visibility into and across the enterprise initiatives including Member, Provider, Claims, HIE, HIX, public health agencies, human services programs, and community organizations.
  • All this managed through semi-supervised AI and RPA (by your team and our Knowledge Engineers)

CADET-based Projects

CADET℠ is initiated for each project in a digital environment pre-populated with MITA 3.0 maturity model. The CMS standard maturity model can be and should be customized for your client agency and state through alignment with the state’s specific program model and delivery approach.

The SS-A environment is then initiated by on-boarding the state’s Strategic plan and previous SS-A artifacts. Your experts and CADET℠’s AI capabilities leverage these existing artifacts to pre-populate a Motivation Model, Maturity Model and an initial SS-A dashboard. Once approved by your client agency, this information serves as the baseline for an updated SS-A as well as continuous monitoring and dash-boarding of SS-A information. An example SS-A project schedule using CADET℠ is:

Cadet℠ - Your AI Powered Sidekick | Elyon Strategies

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We want your clients to succeed as much as you do. The only way to ensure success is to clearly define business outcomes and eliminate the obstacles (waste), complexity and indecision that reduce the likelihood of achieving the vision and goals. Whether you are helping them to prepare for modernization, determine project scope, request annual budgets, plan a procurement or analyze their organization’s ability to change, the Elyon approach creates clear and precise representations of their organization’s operational effectiveness and sustainability.

CADET and our data- and model-driven interactive deliverables offer executives, managers and solutions designers a digital representation of the project environment and is the vital link you need to understand their current environment, proposed solutions, or blueprints.

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