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Artificial Intelligence Classes: Why Applied AI for Young Students

After talking with middle school and high school students around the country, the Elyon team discovered a huge interest in artificial intelligence (AI) classes. 

We decided to work together with charter schools and build an education for kids program where students could explore their interest in AI. The program would help students learn all the concepts of AI, data science, machine learning and other key aspects of current technology. 

The Applied AI program helps students grow their skills and broaden their future career opportunities. 

What are the benefits for your child to take our applied AI course? 

AI is more than just the latest piece of technology. With this class, they'll be able to learn real-world artificial intelligence experience. Students will learn more about the AI that surrounds them every day, and not just what elements make a computer. 

Our class is more than just programming. Programming is essential, and we recommend that any of our students understand the current programming technology, but AI isn't just about programming

There is a practical problem-solving side to AI. Your child will be able to implement AI into their daily life, their future business opportunities, and even their health. There are many things on our course that they'll learn and be able to apply to their life. 

It's more than just academics. It's acquiring advanced analytical skills for life. 

With real-world experience included, along with practical problem solving and advanced analytics, your child will be better equipped for their future career after taking Applied AI. 

Let's take a closer look at what the class covers to see if it's the right choice for your child. 

How is Applied AI taught to students?

Our courses are all live, and your child will get an online curriculum. This makes the experience easy and stress-free for them as they can easily follow along. Our course also gives your child the option to interact with their professors, write notes, and watch and listen to classes whenever they want. 

This class is much more than just a textbook. It's interacting with real people. 

Through our Zoom classroom setting and our new video sessions, they'll be able to attend multiple instructor-led lessons, tune in and get information about current topics in the AI industry and understand different aspects of AI. 

They'll also be able to interact with other students in the course and have expert guidance from knowledgeable experts about artificial intelligence including practitioners and data scientists. They can also ask any questions to the professor directly during the live classes. 

An artificial intelligence learning environment

When your child applies for this class, they'll have access to our artificial intelligence learning environment. This will intuitively learn how they learn and help them move along through the process. 

It helps them gain real-world knowledge about AI as they'll be interacting with real-world information. 

What does the Applied AI program include? 

Our program is a simplified way of learning everything your child needs to know about artificial intelligence. Through an easy-to-follow curriculum, we’ll teach your child how AI can assist them in their career, from business, to IT, and even marketing. 

It includes a step-by-step series of courses that gradually increase in difficulty as your child progresses. This way, the students can go into academic programs, which we offer several days a week. There will also be an opportunity to attend after-school programs that let them do the work at their own pace at home. 

Finally, we also have spaces open for students to join the summer programs. These include hands-on interactive, team-based AI activities. They go from the foundation level into some more advanced concepts.

Is Applied AI a one-time class?

Our artificial intelligence classes for high school students and middle school students help create a learning roadmap. 

Whether they start learning in the 8th grade or 10th grade, they can cover a lot of material in just a couple of school years. 

Let's say your child starts with our foundation course, which includes:

  • Getting a survey of AI
  • Understanding AI skills and abilities 
  • Interacting with AI 

Then for the intermediate class in the following year, they can learn AI disciplines like:

  • Programming
  • Data science
  • Deeper AI work 
  • Developing models 

Then finally, they can move on to more academic, advanced studies. 

The first year, no matter what age or grade your child begins, the course will start with foundational studies. Then they move on to the next stage when they’re ready, and finally, begin implementing solutions. 

If they're in 8th grade and start now, by 11th and 12th grade, your child could be doing real-world analysis and even taking part in real-world projects. 

These two levels of mastery take your child far beyond what most high school students will ever get to do. It'll put them way ahead of their competition, both in college and their career path.

AI is here! Take Advantage With Our AI Courses

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