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Regardless of the maturity of operational capabilities supporting a journey – be it transformation, modernization, evolutionary, or compliance-driven, rapid assessments help understand what has happened, current status, and opportunities for improvement. Assessments take on many forms – some that are specific to an industry, and others that are universal – but they provide the foundational understanding of progress against objectives.

Rapid Assessments | Elyon Strategies

Usually, project leadership hires a team of consultants who walk on to a project site with little knowledge of the goals, objectives or status of the project. Using a generic or lightly modified checklist they manually read through documentation, hold interviews with some stakeholders and then intuit some high-level finding themes and specific recommendations based on the limited information they have. Project leadership must have a good deal of trust for the consultancy as trying to justify each finding and recommendation is difficult with limited information.

Elyon provides rapid, comprehensive, model-driven assessment services – we can often do in 5 weeks what it takes months for others to do. We have a team of experts that understand the nuances of the industries and solutions that we support. We are able to complete the document review and findings analysis with the assistance of our digital assistant CADET℠ that greatly reduces the manual effort required to consume, map, understand, analyze, diagram, and report on the baseline data.

Plus, you get a fact-based, comprehensive, accurate and precise, model-driven, tailored knowledge base that can be queried and updated. Even better, it persists. CADET℠ won’t retire or take vacations so it can be reused over and over without missing a beat. Your investment in the assessment is also the first step of your modernization.

Elyon’s suite of assessments include:

Platform Assessment | Elyon Strategies

Enterprise Modernization Readiness Index (eMRI)

Your organization’s readiness to tackle a modernization initiative

Technology Selection

See how well a technology or approach matches up with your vision and goals

Organizational / operational risk assessment

How well your organization is performing and any pitfalls that may lay before you

Platform Assessment | Elyon Strategies

Maturity Assessment

How mature your organization is, and wants to be, on a defined industry standard maturity assessment scale

Requirements and Procurement Assessments

Do you have the right requirements in your RFP? Or did you get responses back and want to know how well they align to your ask?

Program / Portfolio Health Check and Risk Assessments

How well your imminent or in-flight project is going – do you have the right people; do you have the right governance and processes? And how does your technology stack up?

Platform Assessment | Elyon Strategies

Forensic assessments

Uh oh – something went wrong.  Determine what happened and why so it doesn’t happen again

Custom Designed Assessments

Our model-based approach allows for significant flexibility and reusability of best practices, standards and
architectures.  And if we can model it, we can provide an assessment and options

CADET℠, Elyon’s AI-fueled Sidekick

CADET℠ AI-fueled Sidekick | Elyon Strategies

Elyon’s delivery team includes CADET℠, a semi-supervised digital assistant, which increases the breadth and depth of the analysis the project team is able to provide. CADET℠ can also be used as an enterprise knowledge-base to store each of the onboarded documents, the specific metadata that was gleaned from each, and the analyses that came from the project. CADET℠ supports the team’s model-driven approach to map pieces of documents to framework item in the business, information and technology architectures of the project, and tracks changes and maturity progress throughout the project. CADET℠ provides visualizations and reports in the perspectives and formats that support strategy and validation sessions with executives and management.

At the end of the project, CADET℠ generates a comprehensive documentation mapping, and stands ready to pick up right where it left off in the project or agency’s next initiative.

Transformation starts here

Digital Transformation | Elyon Strategies

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